CoachingOurselves peer-coaching is a scalable approach to developing leadership capacity and increasing organizational performance. It is easy to setup, demonstrates immediate business impact, and is a key catalyst to successful leadership and organizational development.

The CoachingOurselves Session

The foundation of CoachingOurselves are the 90-minute peer-coaching sessions for groups of 4-6 participants. Participants go through a process of reflection and dialog on their managerial and leadership practices around specific leadership/management themes.

A CoachingOurselves module provides the theme for each session. This is a workbook with the content, questions, and structure to ensure productive and effective reflection and dialog with specific outcomes. There are over 80 modules covering a broad range of leadership themes and soft skills such as Accountability: It’s a tricky world or Silos and Slabs in Organizations.

Sessions are in person or online, and are guided by a facilitator.

The impact of peer-coaching is profound and powerful. Participants immediately connect their day to day managerial experiences with conceptual models, which results in them making decisions to take action for change. These insights are the most meaningful learnings for leaders and managers and the impact on the participants and for the organization is immediate.

CoachingOurselves for leadership and organizational development

A series of 90-minute peer-coaching sessions becomes a powerful leadership development program. The modules are selected to align participants’ reflection and dialog with the program goals and guide them along a learning journey.

Our Modules

We have over 80 modules exclusively designed for CoachingOurselves by leading management and business thinkers, such as Henry Mintzberg, Edgar Schein, Marshall Goldsmith, Philip Kotler, and Nancy Adler.

The modules guide reflection and dialog on a broad range of leadership themes. Our catalog includes classic themes for first line and middle management , such as Candid Conversations and FeedFORWARD instead of FeedBACK, to more nuanced themes for senior leadership, such as Strategic Blindspots and Leading with Humility.

Modules AnglaisModules Français
A Leader’s Health Action Plan
Accountability: It’s A Tricky WorldL’imputabilité : c’est une question délicate
Analyzing Employee PerformanceL’imputabilité : c’est une question délicate
Appreciating Appreciative Inquiry
Being A Catalytic LeaderÊtre un leader catalytique
Beyond BickeringAu-delà des querelles
Beyond BullyingAu-delà de l’intimidation
Building Purpose In Life And Work
Candid ConversationsLes discussions franches
Career Anchors
Chains, Hubs, Webs, And SetsChaînes, réseaux, toiles et ensembles
Changing Things: What And HowChanger les choses: quoi et comment
Coaching OthersLe coaching
Control Through Decision MakingLe contrôle par la prise de décision
Crafting StrategyForger une stratégie
Creating A Culture Of Openness: Rethinking The 21st Century Workplace
Dealing With The Pressures Of ManagingGérer malgré la pression
Decision Making: It’s Not What You ThinkLe processus décisionnel : rien à voir avec les idées préconçues
Developing Brand Leadership For Every ManagerLa valorisation de la marque pour tous les gestionnaires
Developing Our Organization As A CommunityDévelopper notre organisation comme une communauté
Developing Your People: The 70:20:10 FrameworkLa formation de votre personnel: le cadre 70:20:10
Emotional Intelligence: Your Inner And Outer SelfL’intelligence émotionnelle: le moi intérieur et le moi extérieur
Engagement: Beyond Buy-InL’engagement : au-delà de l’appui
Feedforward Instead Of FeedbackLa proaction au lieu de la rétroaction
Five Ideas About TeamworkCinq idées sur le travail d’équipe
Friendly ConsultingLa consultation amicale
From Top Performer To ManagerD’employé très performant à gestionnaire efficace
Gender Inclusive Leadership
Global Or Worldly: Diversity In The 21st Century
High Performing TeamsÉquipes hautement performantes
Igniting Momentum With Customer InsightsProvoquer un élan grâce aux connaissances sur les clients
In Praise Of Middle ManagementÉloge aux cadres intermédiaires
Influencing Others: Leading Through TrustInfluencer les autres : mener par la confiance
Innovate Using Generative Relationships
Introducing Culture In Organizations
Introducing Strategy Through Robin HoodIntroduction à la stratégie avec robin des bois
It Does Have An Off Button
Knowledge Sharing For Innovation: The Wiki WayGérer en mode wiki
Leading Change In Difficult TimesConduire le changement dans les moments difficiles
Leading With HumilityDiriger avec humilité
Lenses For Leadership Insights
Lessons From Machiavelli And Lao Tzu
Management Competency RaisingNourrir vos compétences en gestion
Management Styles: Art, Craft, ScienceStyles de gestion : artistique, artisanal, scientifique
Managing Conflict In Teams
Managing Culture Change: Beyond The Status QuoGérer la culture du changement: au-delà du statu quo
Managing Metaphors
Managing On The EdgesGérer avec nos limites
Managing On The Planes Of Information, People, And ActionGérer sur les plans de l’information, des gens et de l’action
Managing On Tightropes: The Inescapable Conundrums Of ManagingGérer sur des cordes raides : les paradoxes inéluctables de la gestion
Managing Time And EnergyGérer temps et énergie
Managing To LeadGérer en bon leader
Models Of Engagement: Employer-Employee RelationsModèles d’engagement : relations de travail
Negotiating StylesLes styles de négociation
One Planet Business: Sustainable Organizations
Opening Up The Moral Senses
Ordinary People, Extraordinary LeadershipGens ordinaires, leadership extraordinaire
Political Games In OrganizationsLes jeux politiques dans les organisations
Practical Tips For Leading Meetings That MatterConseils pratiques pour des rencontres qui valent le coup
Probing Into CultureSonder la culture
ReflectionLa réflexion
Seeing Beyond Belief: Observation Skills For ManagersVoir au-delà du regard : les habiletés d’observation des gestionnaires
Silos And Slabs In OrganizationsLes silos et les strates dans les organisations
Simply Managing: From Reflection To ActionGérer simplement : de la réflexion à l’action
Smart Investments In TalentInvestir intelligemment dans le talent
Some Surprising Things About CollaborationDes choses étonnantes concernant la collaboration
Stimulating The Entrepreneurial Imagination
Strategic BlindspotsAngles morts stratégiques
Strategic Thinking As SeeingÉtude de la pensée stratégique
Swot For Strategy
Talent ManagementLa gestion des talents
Ten More Ways To Release Change
Ten Ways To Release ChangeDix façons d’amener le changement
The Play Of AnalysisLe jeu de l’analyse
The Players Of Cultural ChangeLes joueurs d’un changement de culture
The Power Of Social LearningLe pouvoir de l’apprentissage social
The Rewards Of RecognitionLes fruits de la reconnaissance
Thinking Entrepreneurially To Grow Your BusinessPenser en entrepreneur pour faire croître son entreprise
Time To DialogueLes vertus du dialogue
Turning The Tables: Unusual Seating For Creative Problem Solving
Two Models Of ChangeDeux modèles de changement
Understanding OrganizationsComprendre les organisations
Understanding StakeholdersComprendre les parties prenantes
Virtual Teams: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Visionary ManagementGérer avec vision : l’art de l’observation d’abord
Working Style Differences And Team Problem SolvingLes différences entre les styles de travail et la résolution de problèmes


Cirque Du Soleil

Bernard Petiot, VP Casting & Performance
“I participated with great interest in the CoachingOurselves peer-coaching session with my management team. We chose “Foresight” as our module. The approach included some reading and questions carefully constructed for managers. No prior preparation is needed, and the only tool required is the CoachingOurselves peer-coaching module document written by internationally renowned thinkers. Working in groups of four to five, this method was thought-provoking and led to fruitful and lively discussion. It enabled us to share our experience and savoir-faire, which in my opinion is one of the strengths of this approach—drawing from each person’s knowledge and sharing it against a backdrop of credible information from reputable authors. We are preparing for another peer-coaching session, targeting a theme in line with management expectations in Cirque’s current context. I foresee organizing such opportunities for development on a regular basis.”


Chieko Kamiyama, Global Marketing and Sales Planning Department
“It has been the best training program I’ve experienced over the 30 years since I joined the company.”

NuWay Software

Peter Neely, President
“Through the CoachingOurselves peer-coaching program, our team was able to work through a core cultural issue that was stalling our growth. The exercises forced our team members to dig down to the root cause quickly and effectively. CoachingOurselves is a must for any company working through change.”

Brother Canada

Diane Boulet, Former Director of Corporate Development
“CoachingOurselves ROI: Strong working relationships; managers becoming better people managers; better decision-makers; improved processes and efficiencies, and increased organizational well being.”


Marlin Watling, HR Business Partner
“CoachingOurselves is the right solution at the right time. When we introduced their peer-coaching program to the managers, they said, ‘This is the best approach we have seen in a long time. It is close to what we do. We can use it right away. No fluff.’ It is very easy and flexible and puts the people topic on the agenda.”

Fujitsu Business Consulting, Japan

Mr. Kentaro Iijima, Senior Corporate Vice President
“The (CoachingOurselves) sessions have become a precious ‘BA’ where ‘lonely’ managers can reflect on their management style and talk with their colleagues frankly.”