Team Workshop – Managing on Tightropes: The Inescapable Conundrums of Managing

Managing is full of conundrums, paradoxes or predicaments. Every way a manager turns there seems to be some strange dilemma lurking. These are part of the management process itself—they are managing! Think of them as the tightropes on which all managers must walk. This means that most of these concerns cannot be resolved or eliminated, but have to be faced, understood, and alleviated in order for managers to be more effective. That is our purpose today. The objectives for this module are to:
  • Explore a few of the conundrums at the heart of managing:
    • How to connect when managing is inherently disconnected?
    • How to go deep when the pressure is to get it done?
    • How to be confident in managing without becoming arrogant?
  • Share ways to face these in order to be more effective in your managing.

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