Team Workshop – Smart Investments in Talent

Instead of developing your talent equally across the board, you must recognize that certain jobs and tasks are pivotal. This topic goes beyond your organization’s HR strategy. It’s about how well your entire organization connects decisions about talent to its strategic interests. Talent decisions lie not so much with HR as with executives, managers, and supervisors. They make decisions about who to hire, what skills to develop, what results to reward, and generally where to invest time and money in improving talent. This topic provides you with opportunities to determine unique ways to nurture talentship within your organization and not just mimic what has worked for others. Today’s topic will provide you with an opportunity to:
  • Appreciate that the best place to invest in talent is sometimes non-intuitive.
  • Learn methods for determining where an investment in talent will yield the highest return.

The Team Building Agency offers activities based on your needs and that are tailored for your team! Do not hesitate to share with us what you would like to accomplish as a team.