Team Workshop – Leading with Humility

Today’s complex work challenges require a new approach to leadership based on a certain humility. Leading with humility involves admitting your dependency on reports who may be more knowledgeable than you and maintaining this humility when confronted with multifaceted problems.

In order to effectively manage such situations, managers and leaders must go beyond traditional transactional work relationships to more personalized relationships. This provides the foundation for an environment where employees trust they can speak out about what is really going on. In the face of complex issues, leaders and employees of all levels can then partner to explore “adaptive moves” to more effectively move the organization forward.

The objectives of this module are to:
  • Understand the importance of going beyond formal work relationships towards more personalized, open ones.
  • Appreciate that adaptive moves, not formal plans or solutions, may be the most effective in the face of complexity.
  • Practice leading with humility while jointly exploring one of your own organizational issues.

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