Team Workshop – Global or Worldly: Diversity in the 21st Century

We hear a great deal these days about being “global”. It’s like motherhood: who could possibly question that? Maybe we all should! If you think this topic has little to do with you as a middle-manager, whether you are working in Toledo or Timbuktu, read this and you may be surprised! What we all really need is to be more “worldly”. To be worldly has been defined: “experienced in life, sophisticated, practical.” Imagine more companies like this. To be worldly means travelling into other people’s worlds, whether at home or abroad, in order to broaden your own worldview. The discussions in this topic are designed to get you thinking about striking a balance between being global and being worldly. The objectives for this topic are to:
  • Understand what “global” and “worldly” mean.
  • Appreciate that many companies have to be more “worldly”, and not just more global.
  • Discuss which direction you and your company need to go towards and how to get there.

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