Team Workshop – Influencing Others: Leading Through Trust

Are you someone who can influence others to get the necessary results?

Your reports assess you every day and their engagement and willingness to follow your leadership depends on their perception of you. This module focuses on how you relate to your colleagues and how you use yourself as an instrument to get things done.

First you will examine two common managerial pitfalls: relying too heavily on formal authority and relying on close personal relationships as methods of influencing others. You will then explore the only enduring basis of influence: trust. How do you establish trust with others? By building your own competence and character. What do you need to do differently? Today’s module will help you answer this question!

This module will stimulate you to:

  • Reflect on how you relate to others as their boss.
  • Explore some classic managerial pitfalls in regard to influencing others.
  • Determine how you can strengthen your influence by working on your competence and character

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