Team Workshop – Management Competency Raising

Our objective is to be competent, right?  Companies pay a lot of attention to “management competencies”. The list of possible competencies is so long that it would take you a lifetime to learn them—leaving no time to manage! The objective of this one 75-minute session is obviously not to master all of them. Rather, it will help you deepen your understanding of management competencies and reflect on how you use them. You may have heard of “consciousness raising”. Here we are concerned with what might be called “competency raising”: raising your consciousness about competencies. You will be more aware of how you practice the key competencies by sharing your own experiences of what works well for you, and listening to what works well for other managers. In doing so, you will enhance your overall competence to practice management. The objectives for this topic are to:
  • Increase awareness of the range of competencies used in managing.
  • Become conscious about how you practice some of these management competencies.
  • Expose yourself to alternate ways of practicing competencies.

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