Team Workshop – Candid Conversations

Pixar has made a string of great movies including Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Finding Nemo. Pixar’s CEO, Ed Catmull, says one of the reasons for their success is candor. People have to be willing to say they feel if a plot line is confusing, if a character looks wrong, or if a joke is not funny. This can be difficult to do, especially after a writer or artist has put their heart into the work. People have to be willing to speak up if a process is not working, if a manager isn’t giving clear directions, or if politics are undermining productivity. This can be difficult to do too, especially when you want to maintain good relationships with colleagues and do not want to offend your boss. A ceaseless effort to enable candid conversations is necessary in every organization. Let’s look at how you can bring candid conversations to your work. The objectives of this session are to:
  • Learn techniques to enable candid conversations.
  • Practice candid conversations.
  • Appreciate how you can personally contribute to a culture of candor.

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