Team Workshop – Creating a Culture of Openness: Rethinking the 21st Century Workplace

The world is radically changing. Markets are becoming globalized. Organizations are getting leaner and flatter. Stability is elusive. Enduring growth and sustainable profits come from entrepreneurial thinking and constant innovation. The old ways of running a business are no longer appropriate. It’s time for organizations to rethink the foundations of their workplaces. I maintain that the only way to deal with change today is to create a culture of openness by embedding greater freedoms into your organization. The objectives for this topic are to:
  • Learn about six innovative management practices to transform your workplace.
  • Discuss the benefits vs. risks of implementing some of these.
  • Determine which new practices you and your group are seriously willing to commit to getting implemented in your organization.
  The model for this topic is my company Semco which has attracted worldwide attention for the unconventional approach we take to managing our employees and conducting our businesses.

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