Team Workshop – Turning the Tables: Unusual Seating for Creative Problem Solving

How do you usually sit at work meetings? Is one person in charge, sitting at the front, and everyone else lined up according to status? At recurring meetings, does everyone always sit in the same place, maybe next to those they know best? Do these meetings take place at a rectangular table so that people can hardly see the people to their sides? Ask yourselves: Is this the best way to foster open discussion? This CoachingOurselves topic considers a variety of novel seating arrangements that contribute to a spirit of openness and stimulate learning for both small and large groups alike. You will have opportunities within this session to put these into action and discover firsthand how they enrich your group dynamic. In this CoachingOurselves topic you will:
  • Discover six ways ways you can sit in groups for creative learning.
  • Consider how you can use each of these in your everyday work.

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