Team Workshop – Analyzing Employee Performance

Arguably, the most important job of a manager is to manage the performance of employees. Whether they use traditional performance management – goal setting with the employee followed by regular performance monitoring followed by an annual appraisal – or a less traditional method such as self-directed teams, effective performance managers, we suggest, look before they leap.

Before they determine the best way to increase performance, they take the time to analyze the employee’s current performance. Analyzing performance is a subset – albeit a critical one – of the entire set of performance management skills. Like a doctor, your first and most important job in helping your employees is diagnosis – determining WHY an employee may not be performing as expected.

This session invites you to put on your analytic mindset and examine the performance of YOUR employees. We will then invite ideas from your colleagues in CoachingOurselves to determine what you can do to increase employee productivity and morale.

The objectives of this session are to:
  • Follow a process for analyzing employee performance.
  • Identify the possible reasons for a performance gap in an employee.
  • Identify possible approaches for addressing the performance gap.

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