Team Workshop – Friendly Consulting

Managers often face challenging predicaments from responsibilities to humanity at large, through stakeholders, shareholders, and customers to the individual colleagues that a manager works with. This can lead to moral and social isolation as managers struggle to resolve their various dilemmas.

Today one or more of you will present a current predicament, hope, dream, or plan and open this up to your colleagues for collaborative exploration and learning. Friendly Consulting provides a structured, responsive, and supportive environment to get feedback, insight, and advice from colleagues and peers. This is an opportunity for you to use a process developed by Professor Jonathan Gosling that is used in world class programs such as the International Masters Program for Managers, International Masters for Health Leadership, One Planet MBA, Forward Institute, and in many organizations where problem solving is crucial to progress.

The goal of today’s exploration is to:
  • Draw on participants’ personal experiences of the practice of managing to provide insight and possible solutions.
  • Gain insight into some of your own current managerial issues by helping others with theirs.
  • Benefit from the support of peers.

The Team Building Agency offers activities based on your needs and that are tailored for your team! Do not hesitate to share with us what you would like to accomplish as a team.