Team Workshop – Probing into Culture

People often talk about changing their corporate culture and building a “new culture” within their organizations but can you imagine trying to change the culture of the United States or France? Whether your organization’s history is long and stable or short and intense, its culture is complex and deeply ingrained in its people and operations. In order to successfully effect change, corporate culture must be taken seriously. Examining it at all levels uncovers the assumptions that determine the organization’s goals, strategies, and means of action. This knowledge is the stepping stone to promoting change within your organization. In this session, we explore culture by looking first at the symbols or “artifacts” of culture, then at the claimed or “espoused values” of culture, and finally, probing beneath these layers into the “basic underlying assumptions” of an organization’s culture. In this topic you will:
  • Probe successively more in depth into the three aspects of organizational culture.
  • Better understand the culture of your own organization.

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