Team Workshop – Political Games in Organizations

You may have noticed that people play political games in organizations. Not you of course – other people. Nevertheless, it is important to understand how they do it and why. Little time needs to be devoted to the dysfunctional role of politics in organizations. It is divisive and costly, burning up energy that instead could go to the pursuit of the organization’s mission. It can also lead to all kinds of distortions – the sustainment of outmoded powers or the introduction of unjustified new ones. Less widely appreciated, however, are the conditions under which politics serve a functional role in organizations — the positive side of politics and what it can do to help an organization. This topic gives you an opportunity to understand why and how political games are played and when they can be useful. In this topic, you will:
  • Look at the various types of political games most commonly played in organizations.
  • Understand when and how they can advance the organization’s goals.

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