Virtual Training – Lost at Sea Save the Team

Save the Crew Team Building Activity

During the Save the Crew Team Building activity you will have to make important decisions as a team.

You are adrift on a private yacht in the South Pacific. As a consequence of a fire of unknown origin, much of the yacht and its contents have been destroyed. The yacht is now slowly sinking. Your location is unclear because of the destruction of critical navigational equipment and because you and the crew were distracted trying to bring the fire under control. Your best estimate is that you are approximately one thousand miles south-southwest of the nearest land.

The exercise "Save the Crew" will have you make important decisions, by yourself and then as a team, to allow you and your team to survive. A fun and interactive concept!

Several heads are better than one, is the principal lesson that emerges from this workshop.

The advantages of  the Save the Crew Team Building Activity for your team:

  • Team cohesion and synergy
  • Encourage collaboration in the team
  • Find creative solutions
  • Improve motivation
  • Optimize teamwork
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Improve communication
  • Create a positive energy within the team and company
  • Identify the strengths of each member in the team
  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Mobilize and tighten team spirit
  • Encourage team strategy
  • Team productivity and efficiency
  • Sharing of a common vision 
  • Demonstrate the importance of the contribution of each team member
  • Understand the impact of our attitude within the team
  • And lots of fun!


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