The Open Space Technology generates commitment from each participant and prompts them to take responsibility

open space technology
Open Space Technology is the #1 meeting formula to rally all of your employees and teams. Based on collaboration principles, this emerging tool for team leaders generates commitment from each participant and prompts them to take responsibility. It answers their urgent need to feel listened to and to contribute actively to the expansion of the organization.
Open Space Technology offers participants freedom of action and expression, while it naturally brings them to unfold an exceptional level of productivity. It allows for the quick resolution of urgent and complex questions in groups. Known in the US since 1985, Open Space Technology has been used by AT&T to redesign in only 2 days its corporate pavilion for the Olympic Games in Atlanta; a task that would normally have taken 10 months. A 15,000% increase in productivity! Even under intense stress, all participants left the meeting with a smile.
Open Space Technology defies everything we’ve learned so far about traditional management and leads the way to new possibilities for Quebec businesses. This astonishing high-performance meeting formula is now used with great success in more than 140 countries around the world. Organizing it quickly is easy and it works very well with groups of 5 to 2000 people.

Open Space Technology Results:
  • Helps solve quickly and easily, any complex question you might have.
  • Powerfully generates concerted and inspired actions.
  • Gives your team members the chance to contribute and be recognized.
  • Strengthens team spirit.
  • Stimulates leadership in each participant, no matter his or her job.
  • Allows for more work to be accomplished in less time – increases profitability.
  • Makes change and growth easier.
  • Makes communication more fluid among people and departments.

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