Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

Understanding diverse thinking and problem solving styles

How do you problem solve? How do your colleagues problem solve?

It’s important to understand and celebrate the diversity of innovation styles in your team in order to solve complex problems. Once we understand the diversity in thinking within your team, we can help you collaborate and innovate more effectively.

The Creative Problem Solving Steps

Before solving a problem we must first define it and understand it. Too often because of a lack of time, teams tend to skip this initial and crucial step. This leads them to find solutions to the wrong problem or to the symptoms of the problem.

If I had an hour to change the world, I would take 55 minutes to better understand the problem and only 5 minutes to come up with the solution - Albert Einstein

In each step of the problem solving process, a facilitator helps participants diverge - expand the options and possibilities. This means that participants generate information without applying judgment and without analysing. Divergence is applied throughout the process to explore fuzzy situations, facts, problem statements, ideas, criteria, action steps, etc. After a broad range of possibilities have been generated through divergence, participants converge - or zero in on the options they would like to bring forward to the next step.

Let us help you generate ideas, find innovative ways to fix problems, and engage your team to produce actionable results.

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