Team Building Game – Collective Wood Puzzle


This puzzle is an intense challenge that thoroughly tests a group’s ability to solve complex problems and has quickly become a customer favorite. Participants examine the provided diagram and are then given the challenge to replicate it using the custom-made, wooden puzzle pieces. At first, the task seems simple. As the group proceeds, participants discover that it requires much more than just assembling the boards to match the diagram. A group will experience a high level of teamwork to achieve success with this initiative problem. This activity is sure to challenge any group and adds programmatic diversity to your adventure repertoire.

The longest piece of wood in the Collective Wood Puzzle is about 4′, and the shortest is about 2.5′.

Included :

  • A guide to facilitate the activity.
  • A diagram
  • A Collective Wood Puzzle Team Building Game, composed of several wooden boards ranging from 2 ‘to 5’ each, for up to 8 people

The photos are for example, the models can vary